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About Total Fitness Exercise is a sign of healthy life style and imprint, but stressed that the quality of life is an attitude. It is physical fitness, body sculpture, the pressure was released, but wake up every man’s desire and pursuit of beauty! Total Fitness Club, with strong strength and professional support, promote fitness in the field of fashion, for members to bring body and mind into a new sports experience! A strong South China deserved the fitness industry Extreme brand, with 33 first-class Direct chain fitness club, each club a total investment of close to $ 20 million, with an average store area of over 3,000 square meters, around Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Dongguan, Chongqing, Tianjin 6 major cities, and in expanding growing. Advanced concepts Professional, health, fashion Quality of services Unified membership management, one of South China’s first professional personal trainer service, with good facilities and equipment, professional courses and services for the country more than 300,000 social elite to bring a new healthy lifestyle. Relentless pursuit Man Road as the iron, now moving more from scratch. Total Fitness Group, aiming to establish a Chinese focus, multi-line, comprehensive market and become healthy living shapers of international standards.


Total Fitness club Raider Club , 2007 July 28 opening. Located in Guangzhou City, Newport Road 356 , 5th Floor, Lai Ying Commercial Plaza , a large shopping mall that is downstairs , next to Pearl River Film Studio , fitness is more than pioneering social , make friends high places, to bring the public daily life, leisure new life fitness concept integration.
Whole club total area of 3,000 square meters, equipped with cardio equipment area , strength training equipment area , aerobics room , yoga room , spinning room , boxing , fitness assessment room and a series of professional fitness facilities, complete with a sun lamp can be a healthy sun tan . And it has an internet cafe , health cafe , sauna bath and massage and other entertainment venues.
As complete with advanced high-end fitness facilities, fitness club , Lai Ying club with strong strength and high-quality service has won numerous pro-Lai fashion. Also has a number of high-quality professional fitness coach, they are full of energy, full of energy, it is the force of the US health club Lai Ying most beautiful scenery .

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